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Artist Statement
  Artist StatementI have been an artist always. I love creating art, and I love how it continues to create me. I strive to create art which stimulates minds and emotions. The process that I go through to develop, just the idea for a piece, is strenuous and lengthy. I always find the duality of satisfaction and surprise, while surveying the finished work, to be mildly amusing, as I was the one who made it! Many times, the work wants to be created in a certain way, and as the artist, I can outline the work, but I am a tool of the painting as much as a paintbrush is a tool to create it.

There is a strange process which is constant inside of my mind while I work. On the one hand, there is a ‘visual response and tangible action’ function which pulls apart formal elements of art such as repetition, balance, harmony. There is also a part which functions like a chess player; completely objective and calculating, trying to foresee what each new action will lead to, and how it will affect the next step-in the development of the work. There is also a subconscious murmuring that remains throughout parts of every piece I create, which speaks about meaning and subtle influence for this or that element I may be addressing at the moment.

Each piece is unique, and expressive in its own way. And each piece contains representational elements which may remain hidden to the viewer for years or forever! The process of creation is so very intimate, and complex, and occurs on so many levels, that there are often times elements which remain hidden to me as well.

In my creating of art, I attempt to stretch the limits of every piece, without making it uncomfortable, or difficult to look at. I want everyone who looks at my art, to respond. I attempt to create distraction from reality long enough for a person to reset, and walk away with something more than what they cam with, be it an appreciation for detail and composition, or a feeling inside which was not present before. I strive to dualistically entertain the eyes and mind, and to evoke curiosity in a person. I also work to create pieces that have reference to no particular timeframe, or setting, so that they may take the viewer away from nostalgia, and move them toward bright and innovative places of action or repose.

Being an artist is a purpose in itself. We are all artists in different ways, and all respond to stimuli likewise. The act of creating, and the result of creating, are what make being an artist worth all of the long hours. Whether you look to buy, or look to look, make sure you look with more than just your eyes! And enjoy.


Van Riper Art Studios is gearing up for an amazing spring! Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries or reservations!


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