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Art is Our Inheritance
  Art is Our InheritanceART. Art is our inheritance. Every person in our society, or any society, is impacted by art. Be it dance, poetry, visual art, or any other genre. We see it, we enjoy it, we buy it, we surround ourselves with it. The streamline design of a new computer or phone, the latest fashion, in clothing, or cars. The desktop picture, or the arrangement of your living room.

Art right now, today, has been thousands of years in the making. It is an accumulation of wars, religion, turmoil, di----isions, bloodshed, and peace. It is the result of growth, unity, love, and perseverance. All of everything that every human has gone through, in our pasts, and our family?s pasts, is pulled through to today, to manifest itself here and now in the form that it takes. The artists are the result of thousands of years of humanity, and their art speaks of that inheritance.

Love of music, paintings, poetry, and dance, may be attained from schooling, or parents. But the appreciation and the need for it pulls at us from a different place as well. It comes from our past, all intermingled and connected into one history of mankind. When we hear that song, which moves us to tears, or watch a dance which moves us to the core, or see a painting which captures us for a single moment in time, it is our connection with the world, we are experiencing. This is beautiful. It is necessary.

In the beginning, arts were the celebratory rituals of a primitive mind, and as we grew, so did our abilities to create and manifest in more unique forms. The pyramids, architecture, paintings, intricate dance, diverse forms of music. And now, today, where we are in the midst of an era of information, art has changed in many ways, but still remains a necessity. In whatever form you choose to be a part of it; by listening, dancing, creating, buying and hanging a piece; we still need it. A religious symbol, a favorite color, a piece of jewelry. Art is a necessity. It is a part of how we define ourselves. So ask, Why should I invest in art? And answer yourself without fear of being presumptuous or too prideful. Take great satisfaction in your art, in whatever form you prefer; music,dance,visual art or any other. But take part.

I create art so that someone has that manifestation right in front of them, accessible at all times, to inspire and remind them of the beauty in themselves, and the world around them. I create art because I am constantly inspired and reminded of the beauty in myself, and the world around me. I create art to feed my body, and my soul. If one of my works inspires you, or captures you for a moment, please let me know. I offer a range of prices, for all who love my art. If you want your space filled with my art, then fill it. Feel free to contact me with any question, comment, or inquiry.


Van Riper Art Studios is gearing up for an amazing spring! Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries or reservations!


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