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Notes from the Garden
We are gearing up for a fantastic Spring! The greenhouse is full of tiny plants looking for new homes: lettuce, marjoram, kale... Please place your order on line and visit Redford to pick out your items. You can also pay with cash at Redford. Quality organically grown plants at a reasonable price!!


About Kim and Keo...

 We live on several irrigated acres in Lehi, within Mesa, AZ.  We organically farm some our our land and also have many types of citrus, other fruit (e.g., peach, apple) and some pecan trees.  All of the plants for sale at out place on "Redford" are organically grown and will be healthy starters for your garden.  There soon will be hives for the honeybees in our back field, and we hope to have Lehi Honey for sale after the bees get settled in and start collecting & storing honey.  In all of our work, we strive to bring you the highest quality ORGANIC garden products.  We are also dedicated to providing quality information about how best to be a successful gardener in our difficult Arizona climate.

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