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Notes from the Garden
We are gearing up for a fantastic Spring! The greenhouse is full of tiny plants looking for new homes: lettuce, marjoram, kale... Please place your order on line and visit Redford to pick out your items. You can also pay with cash at Redford. Quality organically grown plants at a reasonable price!!




Please stop by and visit Redford (our orange electric cart that carries our produce out each day).  He is out front and full of plants, compost, seeds and produce in MESA at 505 East Lehi.  Redford is out beside the road each day and there is ample parking.

Check the plant and flower schedule, and please Come On By!

Redford Display, Garden Produce, Plants, Mesa, Lehi

You can also order online, pay with Paypal, then pick up your special order when visiting Redford at Lehi. Please feel free to come by and browse all of the items.  You can also pay cash and place the money into the BLUE CASHBOX attached to Redford's bed. 


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